One vital importance in humanity is health and other species here living in this planet. Nowadays, there are many cases and reports of new disease like AH1N1 virus and other that has high rate of morality like Aids and Cancer. That’s why medical practitioners are finding solutions to these diseases in the form of new medical advancement.

Advancement of new medical technology will help medical practitioner to recover the health of ill people. New technology can make their job easier. The new machines are developing to diagnose a patient and new drugs to make patient more resistant to viruses. These developments also help other 3rd world countries to become knowledgeable.

Medical technology can be used or refer to tools, procedures and processes by which medical care is provided. There are different advances in technology these days, it help our medical professionals serve the public better. More health problems are cured because of this medical advancement. With the help of private and public sector even in the government the advancement in medicine are easily achieved by there financial support.

There are different kinds in medical technology advancement it may be advances in Hospital Medical Technology, one of the most difficult task is record keeping. Doctors keep records of their patients for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Faster record keeping in hospitals is one of the products of medical advancement.

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